”How can we use creative problem solving to support the integration of displaced refugees worldwide?”
”Take on the Global Refugee Crisis using innovation and creative problem solving. Use your creative problem solving skills combined with tech, data, and/or digital tools to contribute to an innovative solution that supports the integration of refugees around the world.”
Integration is currently an important topic, with more than 59 million refugees worldwide. Many refugees defies continents and oceans to be able to get a better life, but the problems do not stop there. One of the challenges they face, arriving in a country willing to accept them, is integration. According to experts, there are four factors that are important in order to be able to integrate them: education, work, language and participation in the various arenas in the society. So we can safely say that one of the most important tools a person can have, when dealing with a new culture, is language. It is one of the most important things for refugees to learn, to be able to function in a new country. It is a powerful tool for people to be able to understand the bureaucracy and what to expect in the future.​​​​​​​ 
Community: Register here, an find others who want to learn, or find a volunteer tutor near you.
 According to the newspaper, The Independent, 87 of 100 people in Syria own a mobile phone. Therefore many refugees, especially Syrians, own their own smart-phone and uses it to be able to stay connected with the people at home. My idea, is to make an app, that will help them communicate with people in the new country they live in, as well. I have therefore created an app, to help refugees become more integrated, by learning the language for the country they seek asylum in. For the refugees without acess to smart-phones, a website will be an alternative. In Scandinavia at least, people can use computers in libraries etc.  The app, called Lingo, is a free app with government funding, and is a part of the integration plan. The purporse is for it to be used as a tool for the language classes for refugees currently being held in Scandinavia, and as a tool to help them communicate, the minute they arrive in a new country and to a new culture. It is also a tool for anyone who want to teach others the new language. The app has several alternatives, so that it can be set to the persons mother-tongue, which will make it easier to learn another language. 

The app has 3 main tools + settings. 
Lingo: A series of tests, to learn the chosen language. From beginners to advanced.
Dictionary: Type the word you want to translate, and save it if it is important to remember.
mmunity: Register here, an find others who want to learn, or find a volunteer tutor near you.
Settings: Here you choose your preferred language.
Lingo: A series of tests, to learn the new language. From beginners to advanced. 
(If the person using this app is Syrian, the fox would say "You are welcome" in Syrian instead of in english)

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